The antithesis of fast fashion, woollen garments can knock you sideways with their beauty, their comfort, and their warmth.  With a slow heritage dating back hundreds of years, there are few better ways you can indulge yourself in luxury but also reap the feelgood rewards of benefitting the planet. Launching soon,  Chiltern Wool sells unique small quantities of superior quality woollen goods. Based in a state of the art “green” barn adjacent to Ashridge Forest in the UK, Chiltern Wool combines the production of woollen items with the establishment of a modern methodology for community living – Think Global, Act Local.

The key element of the Chiltern Wool manifesto has been to challenge the commonly held, modern day attitude of short-term gains, instant gratification and disposability, by implementing a more sustainable, ethical and transparent business model, to the advantage of the consumer. In order to keep the carbon footprint low, each woollen item is hand shorn, carefully washed and spun, and then produced in our shed, crafted by locals, using only the finest quality local wool, expertly sourced from UK farms.  We uniquely offer BRITISH WOOL BREEDS sourced, spun and knitted by the local community.  Our products are made completely in the UK.  Quality over quantity is Chiltern Wool’s vision.  Each garment is designed and knitted with care by Rachel and her team.   In the barn, textiles graduates and local ladies work with a common objective of executing Rachel’s vision of how knitwear should be: simple, elegant, timeless and fashionable.



Chiltern Wool works with designers and entrepreneurs in knitted and CMT garments and soft furnishings.  We help with inspiration, yarn and fabric choice, swatches and small manufacturing runs and advice on all things like marketing and labelling.


We are a creative industry and encourage creativity on site in a special workroom dedicated to this by offering workshops in skills close to our trade such as knitting, needle felting, crochet and general arts and crafts.  We hope to be up and running with our kiln soon too.

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